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List of Concerns in Jharkhand
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About Jharkhand
Jharkhand Map

Jharkhand is situated in the eastern part of India. Jharkhand means "The land of forests'' as 29% of the state is covered by 'jhars' (forests) and woodlands. It is the 28th State of the Indian Union. It's bordering states are Bihar to the North, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the West, Orissa to the South and West Bengal to the East.

The demand for a separate State of ''Vananchal'' or granting autonomy to ''Greater Jharkhand'' kept lingering for a long time but was put off due to various reasons. Jharkhand was a part of the southern part of Bihar but was formed as a separate state on 15 November, 2000. This day of 15 November also marks the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda who was an important leader of the tribals of Chota Nagpur region and was considered as 'bhagwan' by his followers.

The Capital city of Jharkhand is Ranchi which is an industrial hub. Ranchi Airport connects important cities of Patna, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Jharkhand comprises of 24 Districts, 212 Blocks and 32,620 villages. Jharkhand is located on Chota Nagpur Plateau and Santhal Parganas and is endowed with evergreen forests and mineral wealth. It covers an area of 79,714 sq kms.

The State boasts of richness not only in terms of mineral wealth, but also in terms of culture, languages spoken, festivals celebrated, tourism spots, waterfalls, folk music and dances. Around 32 tribal communities are there in Jharkhand which include Santhals, Mundas, Oraons, Hos, Asur, Bathudi, Bedia, Banjara and Baiga among others. Languages spoken are Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Khortha, and Nagpuri.

Best and First

  • Largest fertilizer factory of its time in India at Sindri
  • First Iron & steel factory at Jamshedpur
  • Largest Steel plant in Asia, Bokaro steel plant.
  • Biggest explosives factory at Gomia
  • First methane gas well in the country

Jharkhand is a new State and it is steadily progressing towards achieving new frontiers in almost every field. The State has abundance of natural resources. Dhanbad, Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Bokaro are industrial hubs. Evergreen forests, rivers, adequate availability of power and water and some of the premier educational institutions find place in this State. Air, rail and road connectivity is satisfactory for traveling and carrying out business and is being modernised. And last but not the least, Jharkhand is known for its scenic beauty and rich tribal culture. The age old tribal traditions and the new age Industrial development is what makes Jharkhand so unique.

New Industries

More and more Steel, Aluminum, Cement and Power Sectors are signing MoU. The State Government too is providing various incentives to encourage investment in the State. These include Single Window Act, and Jharkhand Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Act. Some other projects which deserve mention here are setting up of industrial parks like food, automobile, agro processing, electronics and steel park, Software Technology Park (STP) of India (Ranchi), Adityapur Toll Bridge, Industrial corridor along NH-33 from Koderma to Bahragora.SEZ (Special Economic Zone) at Adityapur has been shown the green flag.

There is land available to start new industries and even expand those already present. Tata Steel Ltd. is implementing its expansion plan. 20 -25% of the total steel produced in India comes from Jharkhand. There has been an increase in Steel Production to almost 12 million tonnes per annum during the 11th plan period. MSME( Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are being welcomed. A number of mega industries too are trying to find base in this State.

There has been advancement and growth in Sericulture Sector, Mining and Quarrying Sector, Bio-technology and I.T. Sectors. The Government proposes to modernize and upgrade small scale industries like sericulture, handloom, khadi, textiles and handicrafts and give them assistance for proper marketing and generation of income. Setting up of new Industries will boost employment opportunities. The steady advancement of Jharkhand as compared to some other States can be gauged from the fact that the GSDP( Gross Domestic Product) of the State has increased from Rs 39191.09 crore in 2000-01 to around Rs 120010.20 crore in 2010-11. The per capita income has risen to Rs 14,992 in 2010-11. The Jharkhand Industrial Policy 2012 also encourages Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in areas concerning Power, telecom, airports and roads etc.

Infrastructural development has been given special importance. JIIDCO(Jharkhand Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited), which was set up in 2004, works for developing Industrial infrastructural growth in Jharkhand. JINFRA(Jharkhand Infrastructure Development Corporation)has executed projects like Adityapur City Centre, National Housing Complex, Mega Industrial Growth Centre, and Barhi.

Government Intervention

On one hand, the Government is making policies to attract investment in Jharkhand. However, It is also keen to work on sustainable Industrial growth of the State by encouraging industries to resort to measures such as rain water harvesting, re-use of waste water and recycling, revive the sick units, work for upliftment of tribal population of the State and give them employment opportunities etc. Special incentives have been designed for women and SC/ST entrepreneurs. Most of the industries today work hard to get quality certification such as ISO 9000/14000 etc.

Education Infrastructure

Private Universities, Medical and Engineering Colleges are being encouraged in the State to produce skilled workmen for intake into these industries. Professionals from premier institutes like XLRI (Jamshedpur), ISM (Dhanbad), NIT (Adityapur), BIT (Sindri), BIT (Mesra), XISS (Ranchi) etc. can share their expertise for better production, administration or marketing of goods produced in these industries. Most of the Government Departments have become fully computerised so that land registration, payment of taxes, procurement of birth and death certificates or even filing a Tender from anywhere in the Globe is just a click away. Sea Port access is being simplified by development of navigational infrastructure on Ganga River. To render help to export oriented industries, the Government is setting up Air Cargo Complex at Ranchi. Land bank will be created in every district by acquiring about 200-500 acres of land (Industrial estates) and the Government has resolved to provide the basic industrial infrastructure. The man power, both skilled and unskilled are available at reasonable price in the State. For a State which was born on 15th November, 2000, it is a matter of pride to climb the ladder of success slowly and steadily.